Home Buying Tip

Having a home of their own name but a dream of all individuals, not many people know the house purchasing procedure, and even more confusing for the head of the factors thought to pay monthly installments.Maybe financial advice can be used as a guide for you

  • The main thing is to think before making a decision is to see the financial ability sendiri.Ini because not all individuals who work and have a monthly income to pay monthly installments of residential types banglo.Untuk facilitate planning, we need to make calculations by deducting all expenses, including loans, deposits pelaburan.Baki living and a surplus and it was cited as a benchmark to determine what types of homes must be purchased.
  • home buying tip
  • Selection factors that must be taken into account is the amount of surplus as an example lokasidan RM 500 is probably enough to buy a house if it is in a location approved setara.Sebelum loans, the bank will look at eligibility pemohon.Ini including review of monthly income and home prices to be purchased . In fact, the bank will look at whether the monthly payments do not exceed one third of salary.
  • Some groups believe that buying a house even better monthly expenses may not be enough against the rent for years, that opinion is not quite true because with the rent, that individual is able to save for a higher advance payment, even though he had to hire almost 10 tahun.Mungkin there are individuals who are tied monthly house payment, but must take into account the savings keyika emergency.
  • Many simply provide a deposit of 10 per cent of the price of the house, but without knowing the amount of money needed is much more than that because it includes legal costs and the sale and purchase agreement, then, to be safe, potential buyers need to raise as much as 15 percent of house prices in order to avoid congestion in the future hari.Selain, among some tips that can be applied is to pay a deposit as high as can be so low as to be able to borrow can also set the repayment period can be as short as 15 to 20 tahun.Walaupun no bank which offers loans of up to two generations to reach a period of 40 years, it is not a wise move because we would not want to pass the debt to their children.
  • We know everyone wants to own their dream home and no one wanted a small house, however, for a start, it was the best move because we wanted the house is keperluan.Walaupun Semi-D house costing 300,000, but based on current earnings it beyond, it is not wrong if we buy the apartment or flat in the murah.Dalam past 10 years, home prices will probably increase, if the situation occurs, take action to sell the house and the money raised could be used to pay for your dream home advances .
  • Do not be pressured by speculation that if they do not buy now, prices will rise, but it will not be more than twice the current price in the next five years, even the market set the price ceiling, if too expensive, nobody will buy ...

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