Mersing Laguna - Pure Paradise

Laguna In Mersing,Johor

Mersing Laguna,Johor Malaysia
Mersing Laguna,Johor Malaysia
Mersing is already a lively tourist town visited by Malaysians and Foreign Tourists alike who come to enjoy the beauty of the forty islands in its immediate vicinity, not to mention the exotic flora and fauna inherent in the National Park.

Johor is a state which has been carefully shaped and guided by the numerous Strategic Five Year Development Plans outlined by the Federal Government.
Providing the vision of the ultimate plan is the country’s Vision 2020, a national agenda that sets out specific plans and objectives to being a developed nation.
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Agro Tourism
As one of the strategies to achieve the said Vision, the Federal Government in consultation with the State Government of Johor has embarked on several prong strategic planning to strengthen and sustain its economic and social development which was later incorporated to be part of the total Ninth Malaysian Plan. Subsequent to this was the creation of the Southern Johor Economic Region (Southern Zone of Johor) and the Eastern Corridor Economic Region (ECER). The former is situated at the southern tip of Johor facing Singapore and the later the entire east coast of Peninsular Malaysia which includes among others the State of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and District of Mersing under the State of Johor.
Mersing has been identified as the key component of ECER focused on Tourism. It is the aspiration of ECER and the State Government of Johor that the entire Mersing District with its proposed development will be one big tourist country with the objective to create a new global tourist destination ranking at least on par with neighboring Bali in Indonesia, Gold Coast in Australia, Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand.

It is against this background that in June 2006, Radiant presented a conceptual master plan for the Mersing Laguna project to the State Government of Johor with the objective of transforming Mersing into a tourist country and achieve the status of a global tourism destination.

On 2nd August 2006, at the State Cabinet meeting, the proposed conceptual master plan was adopted and subsequently on 22 August 2006, the State Government of Johor issued the exclusivity to Radiant to implement the project. In the ensuing months, Radiant appointed relevant consultants to work on this project.

To date, all the relevant approvals from State and Federal levels as well as various other government agencies have been obtained. The final Letter of Approval from the State Government mandating Radiant to proceed with the Mersing Laguna was issued on 5 February 2009. A copy of the Letter of Approval from The State Government of Johor is as per Appendix 1 and the approval for the Detailed Enviromental Impact Assessment (DEIA) which was issued on 5th June 2009 is as per Appendix 2. With all the approvals, Radiant is now ready to embark on this project.

The proposed Mersing Laguna Project is in line with the national and state development objectives which are to decentralize and balance the economic growth. Currently, development in the state is concentrated in the state capital, Johor Bahru and the western part of the State. Emphasis will be diverted to other areas especially Mersing.

Mersing Laguna: The Competitive Advantage

Mersing Laguna’s competitive advantage stems not just from its existing, natural surroundings with its archipelago of natural islands and immaculate sands, but also from the fact that it will be the biggest and most comprehensive waterfront Eco Development project in the region. Driven by strategic planning and attention to detail from the onset, it will incorporate architectural aesthetics that will inspire and be distinctive.

Key target markets in the residential and tourism sectors have been identified, with a skew towards the upper end. Mersing Laguna will offer a combination of eco-contemporary resort living with eco-conscious, responsible, upscale tourism.

The development of Mersing Laguna will cater to a broad spectrum of the mid to upper class real estate, tourism and hospitality industry. The differentiation of the various parcels in the Mersing Laguna development portfolio is set to answer the needs of the various discerning residents, holiday makers and business travelers. The target segments will be mutually exclusive, each distinct from the other, and exhaustive with every potential target member included in one segment or other.

The common denominator and principal value proposition throughout these segments will be the “Pure Paradise” settings underpinned by the luxurious and contemporary lifestyle ambience and amenities.

Project Concept

An alternative to the construction and development of an integrated development such as the Mersing Laguna development, would be to encourage and provide incentives for individual developers to construct recreational facilities, resorts, hotels, etc. separately.However, such development outside of the Mersing Laguna masterplan context would be unlikely to be able to attract foreign investors or bring the scale of economic development and investment to Mersing such as that estimated for the present Mersing Laguna development.Integrated management of environmental and planning issues would also be hampered by development by individual project proponents which would likely be on a piece-meal basis.Hence, the proposed Mersing Laguna development is considered the best option to create more tourism attractions, foreign investments and economic development to the town of Mersing.

Built Development

Mersing Laguna development is a Master Plan guiding co-developers for the various specific components or lots. The reclaimed land will be subdivided and sold to various independent developers for subsequent development based on the Masterplan layout.

The carefully planned layout will optimise and synergise the various residential, tourism, commercial and retail developments which will include among others:

• 4-star thematic boutique hotels
• 5 to 6-star hotels
• Individual chalets
• convention centre
• yacht clubs
• marinas / jetty / water parks
• specialty restaurants
• shops / commercial arcades
• villas / mosque
• 27-hole golf course with a Golf Academy and golf club house
• Waterfront Bungalows and link villas
• Resort Specialist Medical Centre
• Hospitality Colleges
• A1 Grand Prix Street Circuit with high-end estate development around the track
• State of the art Cultural Centre

Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar performing the groundbreaking of Laguna Mersing.
Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar performing the groundbreaking of Laguna Mersing.

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